Private Policy

AGG e-Solution Ltd. (AGG) Website respects the privacy of all users, please read carefully the following privacy policy in order to let you understand how we collect, adopt and protect your personal information.

1. Collection of Personal Information
No authentication is required when users visit AGG Website. However, we may request users to provide their personal information such as name, ID number, contact number, email address and so on when they are participating in our on-line survey or any other Internet activities.
Besides, users’ browsing details including IP address, visiting time, use of the browser, visiting destination, etc will be recorded in our server automatically. 

2. Adoption of Personal Information
All information collected by AGG Website will be used for Internet and traffic analysis only. Without the consent and agreement of users, we will absolutely not make use of the information provided for any other purposes. Without the consent and agreement of users, AGG Website will only analyse the overall browsing and online activities of all users; we will not conduct individual analysis on any specific user. 

3. Information Sharing with Third Party
AGG Website will never sell, exchange or lend the personal information provided by users to the third party.

4. Recommendation on Privacy Protection
For security reasons, it is recommended that all users to close the Internet browser immediately after submitting their personal information to AGG Website so as to ensure that their information can not be read by the third party.

5. Inquiries on Privacy Protection
Should you have any queries on the privacy policy of AGG Website, please email to